Madras Sanitary Service

Madras Sanitary had an existing website but wanted something more up-to-date and user-friendly. Their main traffic comes from customers who need to make a payment or who have questions about garbage service and recycling. Therefore, the focus was to easily direct them where they needed to go. The project included a complete website refresh and a PDF download on recycling guidelines. Thanks so much for being awesome to work with, Madras Sanitary!

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The Elemental Brand

Fresh, clean design was very important to The Elemental Brand, and every aspect of the website needed to be on-brand for this new company. Also, some things were a must, including compliant verbiage and an age-verifyer before anyone could even enter the site. The project included a brand-new website, copy for all pages and even a photo shoot to capture just the right images.

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Madras Downtown Association

The Madras Downtown Association exists to create a thriving downtown that serves as the economic, social, and cultural heart of the community.

The website also needed to have a translate option for those who needed to view it in Spanish. The project included a website and copy for all pages.

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3 Peaks CrossFit

Not all of my projects are brand-new website. Sometimes you need a facelift. That was the case with this project. Their site was great before, but it was time to take it in a different direction. That meant completely restyled pages and a totally new feel for this existing website.

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