You are killing it in your business.

Your products and services are dialed in.

You have loyal customers who tell everyone about you.

And you close sales with confidence.


When it comes to the online stuff, well … You know you need to do it, but you haven’t the slightest idea where to start. Plus you’re so busy doing what you do so well in your business that you don’t have the time to do it all yourself.

Luckily, you don’t have to.

As a successful business owner, you already know that it’s a must to delegate and outsource the aspects of your business that you’re not a master at so you can focus on what you do best.

It’s no different when it comes to online marketing.

You need someone with years of experience who can help make marketing your business online fun and easy.

That is where I come in.

Not only have I honed my skills in design and copywriting over the last 16 years, but I’ve spent a majority of that time as a coach helping female business owners strategize their marketing.

So I’m not just going to make you something pretty – I’m going to make you something pretty that’s going to make you money.

Plus I’m a lot of fun.

Okay, now that the shameless self-promotion is out of the way, let’s get back to your marketing your business.

So, here’s what you NEED for successful online marketing:




Email list


Social media platform(s)


Marketing plan

Where do you start?

The email list and social media platforms are fast and you can sign up for those accounts in minutes.

I like to have people set those up right away so you can cross them off your list and get that little dopamine hit from accomplishing something.

Chances are, you even have some of that setup. But maybe you haven’t posted on social in months. Or you have a list of emails from in-person business, but beyond that you’re not sure what to actually do with it.

This is where it’s crucial to create a marketing plan because that will tell you exactly how you will use the social media platforms and email list to market your business. It will also help you decide what you need to put on your website.

And you need to get that website up ASAP.

People need to be able to find you online. At the very least, they need to know where you are, when you’re open, and what you offer. Plus, this is the place where you gather email addresses for future marketing purposes.

They all work together to bring you the most success.

Let me make your life easier

Whether you’re online and need a strategy or you need everything setup for you, I offer a variety of services that will help.

Tiny Site 

One page website completely setup for you with all the pertinent details and your email optin form to capture leads.


Full Site

Four page website completely setup for you. Includes Home, About, Work with Me and Contact pages (copy included). Email optin form is integrated with a welcome email and link to your freebie.

Includes bonus access to my Modern Marketing class.


The Whole Shebang 

Includes the full site, plus email marketing setup which consists of a welcome email with a link to your freebie, five email marketing series, AND creation of your freebie (the helpful thing you offer people when they sign up for your emails).


Email Marketing Setup

Includes your welcome email with a link to your freebie and five email marketing series.


Freebie creation in case you don’t have one. +$1000

Marketing Plan

We’ll meet for 45 minutes and discuss your marketing goal and create a posting/engagement plan to crush it (that works for your schedule).

Includes post ideas and sample editorial calendar.



We’ll meet for three 75-minute sessions, with breaks in between to digest the info. We’ll discuss what’s working (and what’s not), brainstorm and create a marketing strategy for going forward.


See what you need?

Great! And if you don’t see exactly what you need, we can chat about a custom package.

Contact me now so we can discuss your needs and get started. 

What do you need help with?