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Gone are the days where you could hang up your shingle and rely on word of mouth to drive traffic to your doorstep (but really, did those days ever actually exist?).

Now, not only are there traditional marketing options like newspaper ads and billboards to consider, there are digital versions as well. But we’re just talking advertising.

And no, advertising is NOT just another word for marketing.

There are several ways to market your business online that have nothing to do with advertising. Advertising is just a small piece of it, and one that should definitely give you a solid return on your investment.

Marketing means spreading the word about your business – letting people know what you offer, how to work with you, where you’re located, etc. It’s how you establish trust so that people want to do business with you.

And, fortunately, with the Internet there are so many tools at your disposal to do just that.

The main complaints I hear from my clients, though, are:

1) Social media is SO confusing and overwhelming

2) They have no idea where to start or what they need

Sound familiar?

This class is for you then.

Modern Marketing Masterclass

This is a recording of an online class.

You’ll receive a link to the recording and a PDF workbook. They’re yours forever. But please do make the time to listen to it. I appreciate you paying for the class, but more than that, I want to see it actually help your business.

Here are the key things you’ll learn:

How to leverage Facebook and Instagram to market your business, including:

  • What you should be posting and how often.
  • How to make posts that make people stop scrolling and pay attention to what you’re saying.
  • Effective ways to advertise on those platforms.

PLUS other online marketing sources that are actually more important (and why)

  • Why you really do need a website, even if it is super basic.
  • The reason why you get so many emails from businesses – and why that works.

Are you in? Sweet.

Get access now.

Who am I?

My name is Nina Nelson and I’ve been working in the online marketing space since 2008. I started with a tiny blog that I grew into a top 15 Natural Living website.

From there, I branched off into virtual assisting, where I specialized in web and graphic design and email marketing.

There I learned that my sweet spot is in teaching and consulting. Strategies are my jam and I have a knack for helping people develop efficient online marketing plans that aren’t overwhelming.


Why isn’t this class free?

There are a lot of free classes out there with the main intent of giving you just enough information to get you to pay for their big offer. This class isn’t like that. This is a distillation of things I’ve learned over the years that I share over and over again with my paid clients, all recorded and available to you forever. I want you to take this information and apply it to your business. Can you pay to work with me more? Yes, but my schedule is very full right now and I’m not taking on many new clients.

How do I access the class?

You will receive a link to the live class and then an email later with the recording. If you know you won’t be able to make it to the class and have a question, please send it in advance and I’ll do my best to answer it during the class.