Hi, I’m Nina.

I’ve been working in the online marketing space since 2008. Which basically makes me ancient.

After a few years in the space I realized that while I have a solid grasp of how to start and market a business online, I thrive in a support role.

In other words, I LOVE making it easier for you to run your business online.

Could I start and run my own? Yes. I have.

But what really lights me up is helping other businesses succeed.

I help them do that by:

  • Building streamlined websites that act as lead generation tools
  • Creating simple, fun marketing plans that don’t make you want to tear your hair out
  • Setting up email marketing automations and campaigns that connect you with your customers
  • Social media marketing that’s fun and engaging

But here’s the thing. I don’t work with just anyone.

I’m not into spammy sales and marketing.

I don’t do things just because the current Internet marketing expert dude says.

I believe in having lots of fun.

Even when it comes to online marketing.

Yes, it’s possible.


Who am I and why should you trust me with your online presence?

Before I began working online, I started honing my graphic design and formatting skills for school newspapers, both high school and college.

Then, in 2008, I took things online and built a top 15 natural living blog where I put those skills to work creating high quality images and viral content. Because I love a challenge, I also learned how to design my own site. I fell in love with the challenge of creating beautiful sites that also function as efficient online marketing gateways.

Since then, I’ve been running my own site while also creating gorgeous websites, graphics and digital content for high-earning entrepreneurs who know the value of outsourcing things they don’t do well so they can focus on the things they do. 

Fun fact: I’ve also trained as an EMT, doula, midwife and currently coach CrossFit and nutrition in my hometown.