There’s no question about it. If you want to do business in today’s world, you need an online presence.


Most entrepreneurs hit a serious wall when it comes to creating a website. Like they want to pick up their computers and toss them out the window after 15 minutes of work on one of those “easy” site builders.

And we won’t even talk about the confusion that is social media. Which platforms should you use? How often should you post? WHAT should you post??? (Here’s something that will help with that.)

It’s no wonder that so many of my clients come to me with a slightly wild look in their eyes.

If that’s you, stop stressing. 

I started working with Nina for a re-design for my website. I loved what she did. I loved it so much, I hired her to help me on a regular basis for a variety of things.

From my website, to email systems to video conferencing and more, it was the best decision I made! The work is quality work, done in a timely manner, and that matters a lot to me.

She has definitely made my life easier.

Lori Hayes, doTERRA Presidential Diamond, A Good Change

You don’t have to do this yourself. You don’t need to understand web design to have an awesome website. You don’t even need to “be everywhere” as they say.

There are other areas of your business that need your attention more – the ones that you excel at.

It’s why you started a business, right?

Leave the other stuff to me.

I offer a variety of online marketing services to help entrepreneurs seamlessly integrate their online presence into their business and stand out in the noisy online space.

Would you like to see some of my work? Click here for a peek.

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I feel like I hit the lottery getting to work Nina. It was clear from the very beginning that she understood my brand, tone and goals; she hit the mark from the get-go. She’s a strong writer and has excellent voice in her communications, across a variety of work. Her graphic design is clean and supports the written content well.

She works quickly and always delivers work above my expectations.

Nina is extremely talented, a hard worker, and I would recommend and trust her for any project. She feels like an extension of myself – but a better version. Plus, she’s a pleasure to work with   — she’s funny, cool, and I just like her.

Terilyn Hutcheon, A Foodie Stays Fit